Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hello my name is Cesar Becerra, I attended the L.A. River clean up on Saturday April 22, 2017. Having attended last semesters service learning cleaning (Heal the Bay), I know what was coming my way, but over all it was different experience from Heal the Bay. At first when I arrived to the location where the event was being hosted I thought that the river was clean, but only realized that it was filled with trash once I got down too see it up close. The trash that  I found in the river was pretty much anything you can think of, but it seemed that plastic was growing in and around the plants.
When I started to pick up trash I found myself picking up plastic bag that would fall apart when I pulled them off of trees or from under some dirt. The picture above looks like the was growing plastic, but in reality the plastic is just stuck to the tree. Other than plastic I saw things like shopping carts, tires, rusted out metal and cloths. Most of those items looked like they have been their for a while because they had so many things on top of them and that made them hard to get. In the short time that I was there, I saw tons of bags filled with trash. See so many people coming out to clean a place that is know to be one of the dirtiest place in L.A. was cool, it was not only college students but their were also family's, High school student, and other organizations out their helping to improve an important place for the L.A. county. Over all I really liked this service learning cleaning because I have lived near the L.A. river my whole life and it wasn't till this day that I saw trees and other life in the river I'm use to seeing concert and trash in the river.

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