Monday, April 24, 2017

LA River clean up (FOLAR)

Hello everyone! My name is Yilin Ruan and I am currently taking English 2030 with professor Ximena Hernandez in CSULA. I participated in the FOLAR event on Saturday April 22, 2017 and this is my second time to LA river. I felt so excited about this event because I can help clean up the environment. I woke up so early on that day, because I was a bad driver, and I did not want to be late. Luckily, I arrived there on time, and I started my clean up after I got the glove and bag.  

LA river had many different kind of trashes, and my professor had said that someone found a hundred bill there. However, I did not see any money, but I could see the trash everywhere, for instant the trees, bushes and under the rocks. Every step I moved, I needed to stop and to look around because I did not want to miss any trash under my shoes. Most of the trash that I picked up are made of plastic, and even thought I could see them, it was very hard to pull them out because they are always tied up with something such as the branches and rocks. Some volunteers just ignored them, but I would not let them stay there.
I was glad that there were many people tried to help clean up the river, and by the end, most of us got a big bag of trash. I cannot believe that we had collected that tons of trash. I had read many topics that related to the environment in my class, and I learned that these plastic components are one of the most harmful pollution because they are hard to decompose, and some animals may eat these plastic components as food. We are responsible to the environment and these wild lives because we created the trash. This is a great experiment for me, and I hope more people can join us.

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