Monday, April 24, 2017

FOLAR clean-up

My name is Berenis and I've never actually been so close to the river I usually just pass by in a car possibly, not really pay attention to it . The river has been around for so long but because it's not clean, not enough water , etc not a lot of people like to go. Most people that do go either go bike riding or go running there. Recently I attended the FOLAR clean up with stands for " Friends Of Los Angeles River " who are a nonprofit group that takes care of nature and heritage culture of the water . The event I participated in was the LA river clean up which they provide bags and gloves. You go out there and make a difference by cleaning the river and the trash that is on our nature. This related to the reading " A Life of the Senses " by RICHARD LOUV and how people need to appreciate nature more and not lose the connection you have with it. It is important for you to physically have a connection with nature because it helps open your mind on things and have a better sense of your surroundings. Often nature can be beautiful, it is all up to us to maintain it and keep it clean. The experience with  this event made me realize that there is so many people who care about our environment and take some time off from their families, work, etc just to go and volunteer to keep not only the city clean but the rivers. It is something I'd look forward to keep doing because it felt good to slowly start making changes in the environment because the ecosystem is being affected with all this trash that's in the trees or on the floor that eventually go to our oceans. I also learned that a little change can become a big change the little things you do has a good outcome eventually whether you are the only one trying or others around you are trying. The difference starts with you .

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