Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hi, my name is Alejandra Padilla and I am in Mrs. Hernandez's 1005B English class. Before going to the LA River Clean-up meant two things for me, one; just another assignment that needs to be done, and two; to take part on helping the environment. April 22, 2017 was the day of the clean-up and I couldn’t believe that it was worse than what I anticipated, there is so much trash. I have never seen a river like this before because I am from Northern California, the difference between these two regions are very distinguishable. The north takes care of its nature because it is essential for the whole state of California for our survival, North California is where the water is transported to the South. All this time, I thought that LA should have plenty of water to support itself because it also has a large river, but now I know why it can’t. When I got the cleaning sight, I was surprised that there was more volunteers, I thought that I was going to be just Mrs. Hernandez classes and some of the people from the FOLAR organization. But, it turned out that there was a lot of volunteers, it looked like it was a community gathering event. I also saw little kids helping out, they were on top of a tree trying to take off all of the trash. I thought that it was good that the parents take their children to these events so that the kids can learn nature values, instead of being ignorant or pretend that nothing bad is being done to the Earth. I literally only took one picture because you basically understand how bad it was. There was a tire under all that dirt, god knows how long that has been there. Toward the end of our event, I saw two people singing country music, the women was playing the double bass and the man was singing and playing the guitar. I thought that I was nice of them trying to support those people cleaning the river. On the way back home, I realized that it wasn't all that bad, I just don't like the hot weather. It made me feel good that I took action to something I really care about. I would do this again.


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