Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hello everyone my name is Kevin Villasenor. This past Saturday, April 22nd  I participated in my very first FOLAR Clean up  held by my English class and many other companies and campaigns who participated. it was a great experience helping out my community that I care for so much. it was a very hot day but it didn't stop me from helping our river get cleaner. while cleaning up the river I realize that, there is so much trash that I can't yet understand where it comes from. we need to put a stop to this because is not just damaging our river and our environment but it's also killing the wildlife. many of the birds and fishes who live in the LA River are contaminated, due to us throwing trash into it. by going to the FOLAR Clean up I realize that we must act quick before it too late. there is so much trash in the river that it coverts a lot of parts with it. if we keep doing this to our environment we will kill all the wildlife that lives along the river. we need to act fast to put a stop to it. as I was cleaning the river my friends and I found around 5 or 6 shopping cards that were buried with the sand and rock, as well as we found a lot of clothes hanging from the trees. as I continue to clean I realize that in less than one hour I had already filled up 3 huge black trash bags.  it made me feel sad because we should take care of out community that we live in because it will be the future for our kids and the future generations, and as I write this tons of trash our landing in our oceans and the fishes are feeding from it not knowing that this is harmful for them and might die after eating it. what I learn from this experience is that we need to all collaborate to stop dumping trash into the river and contaminated the little amount of fresh water that we have. with that being said I would go back next year to help my community and planet earth get cleaner that so we can have fresh water for ourselves and our wildlife friends.

 FOLAR Clean up. April 22, 2017

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