Sunday, April 23, 2017

FOLAR Clean Up

Hello clean up class! My name is Atticus Thao and I'm in English 1005B whose professor is Ximena A Hernandez. On Saturday morning I woke up at 8 am to get ready for the clean up at the river. After the 30 minute drive, I noticed that more people than I thought would be there, and the river was much bigger than anticipated.  As I got down to the river I noticed that every tree and bush had plastic covering entire branches.  There was so much trash that I found a half covered tire covered in dirt under a tree. It was impossible to get put unless I had a shovel.  Every time I picked up a piece I found 5 more.  When the truck came down to pick up the trash it was full every time.  As I was filling bags up with trash I felt sad that there was so much trash that not even all of the volunteers can get most of it. Then the thought of trash building up over time was depressing because our ONLY planet that we can live on is being trashed and most people are unaware of it.  Under rocks, trees, and dirt was trash from computers to VCR to shopping carts.  Throughout the entire 2 hours the most trash found was the plastic and it made me realize that there is too much plastic that is tossed away too carelessly.  My take away from the FOLAR clean up is to do my part in helping nature stay natural and beautiful. 

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