Thursday, April 27, 2017


Hello, my name is Ricardo Medina, and I am currently a student at Cal State LA. This past weekend was earth day, and I participated in cleaning up a section of the LA River. It was the first time that I had been part of an event like this. I was astonished about all the people that showed up and supported and took part in the project. There were people of all ages and cultures. Furthermore, it was an un forgetful because I personally was able to see for myself the impact that we make to the earth. in my cleanup expedition, I found various types of plastics and metals. To me it was quite the experience because it brought me face to face with what we have discussed in Professor X. Hernandez's lecture; the impact that we have done with development of certain materials like plastic and actually observing it in our local river makes one aware of the actual problem not being miles away because truth is it's not out of sigh, so we can't necessarily put it out of mind. Previously, I had not quite made the assessment regardless of the material and videos we viewed in class, but after participating in this event, I have changed the way I shop. It is not a drastic change, but it is a start. Here I am with an item that I removed from the river, and also, a picture of all the people that were in the river helping clean the river as well.

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