Monday, April 24, 2017

FOLAR Earthday clean up experience

Hello everyone! My name is Brian Elias and I am currently enrolled in English 2030 section 08. I recently had the opportunity to participate in the cleaning of the Los Angeles river, Sat, May 22nd, and it was a better experience then I expect it. Lets be honest, no one would want to wake up early Saturday morning to go pick up trash right? Well they should. My experience at the river was actually quite fun. The fact that so many people showed up to help out in cleaning the river and removing a lot of trash was memorizing. At first sight, the river is dry and very filthy with trash, and its very obvious to notice. in some of the pictures, you will be ale to see how much trash was in the river itself. Personally, seeing how much trash there was at the river was quite saddening in some perspective. It was crazy to see how the trash was tangle in the dirt, up n the trees, everywhere. Overall though, I would definitely do this again, just for the fact that it felt good to be helping out within the community of Los Angeles. Great learning experience, I would suggest that others try this out.

Many people showed up to help clean

Most of the river is very dry, but with life

Some trash bags we filled up, loaded with garbage

It might be dry, but life is growing there

Trash found in the river

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