Saturday, April 22, 2017


La Gran Limpieza 
Good afternoon/evening, my name is David Ortega. I am currently enrolled in section 36 with professor Hernandez. Saturday, April 22nd, 2017, I volunteered to clean up the Los Angeles river with other participants. As a first timer, I have experienced a lot of amazing things that one person can do by making a difference. As most of you guys may know, the LA river has been dried for a long period of time and has been dirty. The picture indicated below(picture 2), has a lot of meaning to the LA river. In other words, the LA river can have a lot of trash due to homeless persons who live by the river and take the market carts to stock their clothes and other objects. 
Some things that I found interesting while I was cleaning the river was, there was more plastic bags than any other trash. Once me and my group had arrived to the bottom of the river, there was many small and tall trees. In those trees, there were so many plastic bags on them. A book that our class is reading which is No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, has some type of comparison with FoLAR. The comparison between both was the plastic bags. In the book, Beavan discusses how he wants avoid using plastic bags with his project because it can cause a lot of carbon footprint. His project can be helpful with the situation in the LA river, that caused a lot of harm into the environment. 
Trash(Picture 2)
Did you know?
Maintaining the environment clean isn't very easy, but to help out the community and being able to see other people volunteer, can be a great experience. Not only are we helping out the community, but we are also helping ourselves to make sure not to litter and throw away our trash appropriately.
Don't forget to make a difference!
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