Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cleanin the L.A. River

       Hello, my name I Cesar Sanpedro. On April 18th I had the opportunity to go and clean up the L.A. River. I have done community service around my city in local parks. But I never got to experience volunteering in a event related in helping out the environment. I would see the small stream of river when I would cross the bridge where all you could see was sement. But being in the event made me realize their was mature down their. I got to see the nice view of it filled with some wild life. But at the same time it was polluted by the thrash that is not picked up and ends up in the river.  The thrash was all the way on top of trees after it is flooded from the rain. I did not expect many people to show up to the event because I was early. But it then to get really busy with many children and students showing up later on. It was pretty cool knowing that their are events like this  in order to help clean up the enviroment clean.

      This event has helped me realize that we can all help the enviroment even if it may seem small. Picking up a small piece of trash may seem small but every little contribution in helping the enviroment makes a big difference.

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