Tuesday, April 21, 2015

FOLAR Clean up

                          L.A River can be a DREAM!



Hello everyone my name is Kareli Acevedo and I am currently attending CSULA. I attended the FOLAR event on April 18, 2015. It was an assignment I had to do for my English class the alternative was to read and answer questions if we didn’t go to clean the Los Angeles River. At first I didn’t want to attend the event because I had to take three buses to get there. I have never been to the L. A river myself and I live close by. I was not aware that we were allow to go to the river I thought you had to get permission in order to go. I went to the section in Fletcher and Ripple. I was able to literally go inside the river to pick up trash. I have seen the river but only over the bridges never up close or in a different area. I have never been part of this type of services. I have volunteer to help in other things in the community but not to clean a river. I liked how many people got together just to clean our source of fresh water, the L.A River.

I was proud to be a part of the FOLAR event after reading the article "13 ways of nature in L.A" by Jenny Price. I can say I took what she stated a little bit personal. She stated that many people do not consider the L.A River as part of nature, but that is because they do not go and look for nature in the river. Most people see the concrete river from the bridges but never really go and experience the whole 51 mile river. I was very fortunate to help clean the river.  As I was cleaning I was able to see cotton trees, birds, flower, and the flow of the water running down the rocks.  Not only was it a great experience giving back to the community I was able to meet new people and have an exciting time.


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