Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello my name is Vanesa Arenas and on April 18th i went with my English 101 class to the L.A River Clean up. It was a fun and interesting. At first i was not as excited because it was indoor activity. Overall the clean up went great and i made new friends. What i learned from this experience is that helping our community can also make one feel better about themselves. I saw many people cleaning up the river and it just made me realize that some people care about the environment and actually want to do something to help it become better. The LA river was not as disgusting as i imagined it. it was actually pretty clean. Maybe it seemed clean because many people were volunteers. Me and my group found many interesting thing. Plastic bags were everywhere in the la river. I would love to volunteer again next year or on any event that involves helping the earth. Last year i volunteered at Heal the bay. It was fun but the LA river clean up was more interesting and i had fun.

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