Tuesday, April 21, 2015

lovely river

Hello everyone. My name is Elizabeth Delgado and I volunteered with my English professor Ximena Hernandez. It was more of a "need to go " event. I never expected to enjoy cleaning the river as I did on April 18th, 2015. At the beginning I felt weird because I though I was going to be alone but I was wrong. I met a new friend. We then went on to clean the river. We came across this sign that said danger and found it pretty interesting. It was a warning. No it wasn't! As we got farther and farther from the site we started seeing more and more trees. I had never seen a river with so many tree. All the rivers I've seen are pure concrete and this one wasn't. What surprised me the most was that it had water. I was all excited because I had never seen something like this. It was time to meet up with our professor. I encourage people to take a trip to the L.A River. It was an awesome experience!

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