Monday, April 20, 2015

LA River Clean Up

Hello my name is Ricardo Toro, this past weekend my class and I cleaned up LA River. At first I wasn't all to pumped up about going to la river to clean up. For one I was sore and didn't want to step a food always from my bed. I decided to go to this trip because why not give back to mother nature? Mother nature has provided us with so many thing, like fruits and vegetables. So why not clean her up. While I was cleaning up LA river i found numerous of things such as medical marijuana capsules, Cloths, Tends, credit cards, even condoms. It was a very tiring experience but it was all worth it. Seeing a lot of people come together and help each other out to help clean up LA river was a nice vibe to have. Free snacks were provided which made the trip a lot more worth it because I had no breakfast, I diffidently see myself going to another event to help clean up mother nature in the near future.    

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