Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cleaning up the Enviroment One human at a time

   Hello, my name is Adrian  Nunez . On Saturday April 18th I had the opportunity to go and clean up the L.A. River. I have done community service like this before ,where I had to go around  clean up local places. From all the different volunteer events I  got to be part of. I never volunteer in a clean up event as big  as the one about the LA River. This event  stressed the importance of keeping our  environment clean. I would see the small stream of river when I would cross the bridge while driving. Through this event , it showed, rather opened my eyes to the degree of our environment problems. That the problems are real and we can't just keep dismissing them. I got to see the LA River in a better more interesting way. Rather than seeing it when I drive by it and to see it filled with  wild life. Even though it is polluted by the thrash that is not picked up and ends up in the river.  We as members of a bigger thing much more bigger than ourselves have to keep and preserve it.
  This event has helped me realize that we can all help the environment even if it may seem small and simple. Any effort is good effort and we are making a change one person at a time.

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