Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The LA River Experience

Today April 18, 2015 I got up at six fifty in the morning to go to the LA River for the cleanup. I was lazy to get up, but I was excited about the great opportunity to clean the environment. My classmate Adrian came to picked me up. We were going on our way to school to pick up Alvaro. It was eight fifteen and we were waiting for alvaro so that we could head to our way to the LA River. However, we were worry because we didn’t know how to get there. Although, we used the GPS and it guide us to our destination. It wasn’t that far as we thought it was going to be. The LA River was fifteen minutes away from school so we weren’t worry about it after all. While we were going to the LA River, I asked alvaro and Adrian if they were excited about participating in the clean up. They said that they were because they will feel accomplish after they will finish cleaning at the LA River. Also, they mentioned that its significant to then because many people don’t realize how important is to have a clean environment. Finally we arrived to the LA River and I saw few people that were going to participate on this cleanup. Then we were lost because we didn’t know where the activity was going to take place, but we just followed the people that were using shirt that said “ the annual 2015 cleanup”. Few minutes later we were heading to the registration area and we were waiting for other classmates to arrived. While we registered there were two ladies in the front and she told us to wear gloves and to carry a bag to put the trash in it. Also, she told us that the event was going to start at nine o’clock. There were five minutes left before the event was about to start and I didn’t see a lot of my classmates. I thought that there were not going to come, but I was wrong because ten minutes later they arrived. In addition, we took a group picture, and then everybody spread out and went on their way to pick up trash.i really like this experience because it was a way to help clean our environment. I had a great time in this event. 

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