Tuesday, April 21, 2015

 LA RIVER CLEAN UP !!!!!!!!!


Hello everyone, my names is Vanessa Lopez. On April 18, 2015, my English class attended to one of many FOLAR events has to improve the environment. Attending this event really opened my eyes to see how Angelenos dirty the little nature we have in the city. I did not think it would be as dirty but I was proven wrong because I found a lot of plastic bottle, bags, glass, trash, and even clothes. I was surprise that I found some jeans, and my friend jasmine found a pair of underwear and an onesie. Those are just some stuff we found. After we finished every volunteer gather up all the trash and I was not expecting to have seen so much trash being collected in a small area. After all the trash everyone collected the area we cleaned up look a lot better. It no longer looks like a dumpster. After reading the Jenny Price article and getting informed about the LA River, I realized that not every part of the river is cemented and it was nice seeing one of the ways this article described nature in Los Angeles. Now that I helped cleaned up the river, I consider it as nature because the river at some point looks like a river. I would of never consider it nature if I did not volunteer because the image I have of the LA river is a dry, dirty, cemented, and with little water place. Overall the experience of cleaning up the river was fun, and quite a workout, after trying to get the onesie that was in the bottom of a HUGE ROCK!!

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