Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Environmental Protection---LA River Clean up

Hi everyone, my name is Wendy Yang. On last Saturday, April 18, 2015. I follow my English 101 teacher to the event which is clean up the LA River. I think I have seem the river before when I went biking. I never noticed that this is the LA River because it seem no water to me back then. When we get to the river, I saw there are actually many people attended to the event. some of them are elderly, some of them are elementary school students, and majority people are college as me. The organization was passed each us a T-shirt, and a pair of gloves when we turn in the release form.
When i actually step into the "River" I felt shock. I saw a lot of trash hidden with the died plant and between the rock. There are more than half of the river area cover with rocks. For the whole, I did wonder where are the rock from. during the event, the most often trash I saw is snack bag and plastic bag. Some of the plastic bag are mixed with the plan and dust, and I actually need strength to pull them out. Besides plastic bag, I also saw there are many small piece of glass on the side of the river. Even though there are a lot of negative view of environment that I saw from the river, I do see some good thing out of it. next to those rock, there are actually water on the other side. I actually mean clean water, because you really can see through it, and can tell what it is under. I also saw a some birds and ducks that played in the water.
Even thought this is not a easy task, but I do felt worth. Without this event I would never know how many trash had been flow to the river. I still can't imagine that what if those trash all go down to the ocean (which the trash did flow into the ocean), and what impact will affect us. If there are chances, I am glad to attend more events like clean up form the environment.



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