Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My name is April Meza Sanchez and I participated in Heal The Bay event in Santa Monica Beach on September 17, 2016. I am currently enrolled in English 1010. Arriving to the event quickly i got signed in and was assigned into small groups, went through all the procedures on what to look out for. We then got materials such as buckets gloves and for some people, sunscreen. It was an eye opening to see how many people smoke at the beach and do not properly throw away their cigarette buds. Our group in total collected around 70 cigarette buds in an hour. Besides all the buds, there were many little different types of plastic pieces that the birds might confused it for food. The beach is dirtier than you might imagine, you really have to pay close attention to see how much trash there is on the beach. Taking back our bucked to the station where the trash was being sorted was very surprising to see how much trash was being collected in just an hour. Overall In the end it was a great experience to help clean the beach, it is something I would like to participate in the near future.

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