Thursday, September 22, 2016

9/17/2016 Beach Clean Up with Heal the Bay

This is my group.

This is my professor.
Good morning/afternoon you all! My name is Chan In Kou but you could call me Michael. Right now, I am currently taking English 2030-09 with my wonderful professor Hernandez at Cal State LA. 
At the Heal the Bay station,
they gave us a glove and a bucket
to pick up any trash on the beach.
I noticed that there weren't
that many trashcan at the beach.
And most of them were probably full.
The beach may look nice, but
in reality there are tons of
plastic pieces on the sand.
After we finished picking up
trash from 9-11am, we had to go
back to the station and return the
gloves and bucket of trash.
Cal State LA SHESS were giving hours
to those who helped out at the
As you can see, there were many people
who help out cleaning the beach.
There were cigarette butts on
the ground even when the ashtray
was next to it. This proves that
people are too lazy to talk an
extra step to throw away trash.

It as shocking to see how much
cigarette butts we found. This was the
only ashtray we found on the way
to the beach.
They also gave us a trash
collected sheet for my group
to write down any data
about what we picked up.
The trash we found the most
were cigarette butts. Total
of 100 cigarette buttswere found.
The weather was hot, but it
was worth it because we got
to helped out our community.
One of my friend got too close
to the wave while picking up
trash, so his shoe got wet.
We found some plastic bottle caps
and food wrappers resemeble food
for sea animals in the ocean.
We didn't notice that the beach
that we always goes to were
that dirty.
We found a computer wire at
the beach when it didn't
belong there.
My group was getting tired,
but we didn't give up searching
for trash.

I think the news should tells
people to throw away their trash.
We have collected this much
trash by the end of the day.

If we all take the chance
to change the world, we
could do it just like the picture.
We used teamwork to get the bottle
cap that was stuck between the wood.
I think we need more garbage collectors
at the beach because there are trashcans that
were full, but no one cleans it up.
Overall, I had fun volunteering at the beach
with my group and I would love to do it again.

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