Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hello readers, my name is Hector Linares. I am currently a student at Cal State Los Angeles. In my English 1005A I heard from Prof. Hernandez that the class had an opportunity to be able to help out the Heal the Bay club. Prior to this event, in class we had the chance to become more aware of what is happening to our beaches. We learned about what is happening to wild life and natural life because of the filth that has accumulated through out the sea. The presentations motivated me to want take some time off of my regular schedule and see for myself the filth that is in our beaches and take action on the problem. Although the pieces of trash that are all over the beach may not harm us humans at the moment, it is harming wild life and natural life, which is fundamental for our lives in the bigger picture. The one thing that every piece of trash that I picked up had in common is that a certain point that piece of trash was in the hands of a human being. From now on I think twice before throwing a plastic bottle anywhere on the floor because eventually it ends up in our beaches. 

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