Monday, September 19, 2016

Cigarette Butts, Cigarette Butts, and Oh Yea! Cigarette Butts


My name is Taylor Costea, and I am current student at Cal. State LA. In attempt to understand the true impact of non-biodegradable materials, our Technical Writing course allowed us to participate in a beach clean up day. This experience was both enlightening and frightening. 
From simply combing the tops of the sand with our hands to skimming the surface of areas around us with our eyes, it was evident that humans had caused such a large amount of trash. 
Our group found at least 60 cigarette butts just within the 90 mins of looking. We also found at least 75 pieces of plastic. The amount of waste that we dispose of that ends up washed up in the sand is both disgusting and worrisome. 
Birds feed on things they find within their environment. These birds must be consuming high amounts of tobacco filters and plastic. Birds are not meant to eat such materials. No living thing is supposed to consume such trash. Why on earth would we allow such an ecosystem to be subjected to such danger? 


What's also disturbing was the finding of alcohol containers and used condoms. 
Some people even left trash right next to the trash bin. 
Come on people..... Have a little respect for this beautiful place. 

"Please do not produce anymore plastic. It is hurting me." 
-Sincerely, The ocean and its ecosystem

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