Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Greetings and salutations, my name is Michelle Millan. I'm a freshman at Cal State LA and enrolled in professor Hernandez's English 1005A class. I'm here to write about my experience at the beach clean up. On a hot sunny morning, I arrived at the beach unprepared. I came with black pants and converse, thinking it would be cold since it was pretty early in the morning....for me at least. I kept wondering what kinds crazy things I could find on the beach. One of the crazy things my group and I found was a chunk of wood (second picture), it was probably almost as heavy and thick as a textbook. Cigarettes and pieces of plastic were one of the things we collected the most. I wondered what made people want to smoke on the and just litter on the beach. There were so many cigarettes, we put an infinity sign because no matter what we were always going to find an infinite number of cigarettes butts on the beach. Regardless of how much work I put in picking up pieces of cancer (cigarettes butts) and pieces of plastic and trash, I felt like I did my part in helping at the beach clean-up. It was great to first hand experience seeing all the trash at the beach and how it can affect our environment. 

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