Thursday, September 22, 2016

Heal the bay event

Hi everyone, my name is Chan Chen Pin. I am currently taking english 2030 with professor Hernandez. On September 17, 2015, I participated in Heal the Bay event in Santa Monica Beach. In this event, we were asked to pick up the trash that was underneath the sand in a group of four. Before we began our clean up, we got our supplies, such as bucket, gloves and a tally sheet. As me and my partners began to walk along the beach, we noticed that there were a lot of small pieces trash which were mostly cigarette buds, bottle caps, plastic pieces and candy wrappers. I wasn’t expecting so many trach, because the beach looked clean by our bare eyes. After we finished the pick up, we discovered that were mostly cigarette buds and plastic pieces. It sent us a very important message, was that our environment were polluted by man made product. People simply just don’t care about the environment. Even though they set up a lot of recycle and reuse program, it can only recycle very least percent of the trash. It made me feel very sad that people were actually careless about the environment that we live in. It is very important that people need to start realize a lot of they act were actually hurting the environment. Overall, it was a very fun and memorable experience. As it is the first time I go to beach and picking up so many trash. I felt very good because did my best in helping the beach clean-up. It was a very great experience seeing all the trash on the beach were picked up.


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