Monday, September 19, 2016

Trash and more trash

Hello y'all, I am Kai-Yu Chen but I prefer to be called Arthur. My major is

Computer Science and I am currently enrolled in English 2030 class.

On September 17 my class attended the Costal Cleanup at Santa

Monica beach. This Clean up will be my second time attending a

Costal Cleanup. This time at Santa Monica I picked up way more trash

than in Malibu and I was surprised by the fact that people still come to

a beach that's filled with trash. So I am glad that I attended this cleanup

and I didn't think that a beach can be this dirty. I changed my

perspective on how cleaning up the beach is the government's to it's

everyone's job. Keeping a clean healthy beach benefits all of us and

including nature, so we can simply contribute to the world by picking up trash at a beach.

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