Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Heal The Bay

Hello, my name is Carlos Perla and I am in Professor Hernandez's English 2030-09 class. I am going through my second year and I am studying to become a civil engineer. On September 17, 2016, I participated in an event called Heal The Bay where volunteers went to Santa Monica Beach and pick up trash on the beach. This event relates to the topic of plastics and pollutions harming beaches as well as the ocean. After this experience I had a new view on Santa Monica Beach and how people treat this beach. It is a very nice beach and there is many things to do but the way people treat this beach is not good. In the span of two hours, the group i was a part of found about 118 cigarette buds, lots of plastic pieces, plastic wrappers, but the most odd object we found was an ethernet cable that was stuck in the sand. It is mind bottling knowing the fact that this is a spec of what garbage island and the ocean consists of. This experience opened up my awareness about what are people doing to damage a beautiful beach and the wildlife that live there.

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