Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Santa Monica isn't clean.

      My name is Lazaro Cano-Hernandez and I participated in the Heal the Bay event in Santa Monica on September 17th, 2016. I participated because is was a requirement for my english 2030. When I arrived to Santa Monica I told myself "the beach is clean, it's a waste of time." To my surprised, the beach was filled with small plastic pieces, cigarettes butts, and more trash that can harm our eco systems. I was also surprise to find trash on the sand when there was literally a trash can a couple feet away. Like for real are people that lazy to walks 3 extra steps to throw their trash away. My group and I found a lot of disturbing trash on the sand that is unsanitary such like condoms and rip underwear. I mean all that can go into the ocean and since the fish don't know what it is. They will assume is food in eat it now, that will cause them to die slowly.Not only am I upset with humanity but am disappointed  how we as humans aren't doing anything about it but a few. 

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