Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hello, my name is Stephanie Godina and I participated in the Heal the Bay clean up this past Saturday September 17, 2016. When we first arrived to Santa Monica we began walking trying to look for the Heal the Bay booth in which our professor was located in. On our way to look for the booth we stumbled against a small gym looking place where they have equipment to exercise. My friends began to climb the long rope that they had there. Both of my friends were able to reach to the top. After both of my friends got down we continued on or journey to find our professor. Once we found our professor we immediately began to get a clear understanding of the whole clean up process and began to receive our hand stamps. Once we received our first two stamps we then received another stamp because we went through any safety procedures. After the safety procedures were done, then we received our supplies and began to pick up any trash we saw. My group and I decided to walk from the booth to the pier and from the pier back and hopefully filled out our time. On our way to the pier we began to collect trash, and most of it was wrappers and cigarette butts. The weather was nice at first but after a while the heat began to increase, halfway towards the pier I was already starting to sweat. There were three strange objects that we encountered, in my opinion. As my group and I continued walking towards the pier, we found a towel but then we began to dig a little deeper and found one of those small boogie boards. The other object we found was once we arrived at the end of the pier, and the object was an ethernet cable. The picture on the right shows one of my friends holding up the cable. Towards the end of the clean up we tallied up all of the trash that we have collected and turns out to be that we collected more cigarette butts rather than any other type of trash. We collected a total from around 110 to 120 cigarette butts. After we tallied up all of the trash that we collective we turned it in to the volunteers that were gathering back the supplies that were given to us from the beginning of the event. From there, my group and I left and even when we walked back, we still continued to see trash on the ground.

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