Sunday, September 25, 2016

Heal the Bay

My name is Marco Gonzalez and I participated in the Heal the Bay event in Santa Monica beach with my ENGL 2030 class. It was both fun and interesting to see different types of organizations and people collaborating to bring this event forward. It is not easy to consistently maintain a clean environment, especially one that is frequently visited by a lot of people. If everybody made the effort to contribute to a clean environment more than we pollute it, we would with out a doubt receive even more benefits from said environment. When I first arrived at Santa Monica beach, there were people already picking up trash along the shoreline and areas that also seemed to have been previously inhabited by beach goers. We also began our cleaning by walking along the shoreline and then made our way to the center where it seemed less populated. Most of what we ended finding that day were small pieces of plastics that included a small bag of chips, cigarette cartridges and other small decree that may have seemed harmful. It is important to keep these areas clean because of the organisms that interact with it. Over time, these pollutants integrate with the environment causing harmful effects to the animals that consume and live around it. Sometimes people do not realize it a lot easier to properly dispose of trash rather than to letting it disintegrate in the environment. At the end of the day, I ended picking up near a pound of trash that may have easily caused harm. A much more serious problem may arise if we do not take the proper measures to keep our environments clean. It was a great experience to participate in an event like Heal the Bay that implements and promotes cleaning and sanitizing awareness. Everyone involved in the process is benefited making the world an overall better place to live in. 

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