Monday, September 19, 2016

Heal the Bay

Hello my name is Jaime Leal, and I went to a heal the bay event at the Santa Monica beach on Saturday. It was an early event so I had to wake up early in order to find parking at the beach because it is always compacted when looking for parking. Once we found parking the next thing we had to look for was where the place that we had to meet was. I remember that the name was called Bay Street. We found the place pretty quick so we waited around to see what the next step was to start cleaning the beach. Once it hit nine o'clock everyone began to approach the desk to sign in, when finished registering we must receive two stamps to move on the safety rules which will be talk by one of the supervisors at the event. We will then get a stamp when we complete it, we move on to the most active part of the day because we will have to begin searching the beach for pieces of trash. I worked with a three other people that helped volunteer on the heal the bay event. When it was time to pick the trash up there was many cigarette buds at every few steps along the beach sand. There great part of helping out was that we contributed to society in helping our ocean be more cleaner than yesterday. When we finished we returned the glove that was provided for us and turned in the Data Card to one supervisor. Lastly we turned the bucket filled with trash to a person that was helping sort out the trash and we had completed our day of helping the beach. This event help us build character and help us see a different perspective of the beach. I hope to attend something similar like this because it was a different experience in helping out the ocean.

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