Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Heal the Bay Day

My name is Eduardo I. Carrion and I am in English 2030 taught by Ximena Hernandez. I volunteered for the Heal the Bay event that happened on Saturday. I helped create a safer environment that will not only help the oceanic and coastal wildlife, but as well as making the Earth less polluted. I was in charge of tallying different categories of plastics, metals, and foams that we collected throughout the day. In our finding we saw that there was an abundance or cigarette buds thrown on the floor, as well as metal bottle caps. I later changed roles to pick up trash that I found on the beach and it was hard to do under the hot sun but it was a job that I enjoyed doing nonetheless. I was surprised at the amount of trash that my team was able to pick up. We filled up three buckets full of trash in the first thirty minutes of beginning the cleanup. We found wine bottles, beer bottles, beer cans small plastic, metal, and foam pieces, and also a whole bucket full of cigarette buds.

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