Monday, September 19, 2016

Artificial Beach

My name is Kevin Perez, and I'm currently a student at Cal State Los Angeles, my major is Mechanical Engeneering and I am enrolled in English 1005A. My  instructor Ximena Hernandez talk to us to be part of the heal of bay clean up located in Santa Monica. Although I had to work that day, I went to  the clean up to help out and collect the trash. Once there, I realize how the beaches were so contaminated with plastic. We were not taking care of our own environment, in which many spacies live. Besides just going there to pick up the trash, I was able to see how particles of plastic were all over the shore. There was a bunch of trash but specially cigarret buts and small pieces of plastic. People that were enjoying the day there at Santa Monica were asing questions like; why are u guys cleaning?. That's when I relized that people were there just for fun living their trush all over the place, and they don't even know that many animals are dying and consuming trush because of us. I feel proud that I had the opportunity  to part of the heal of bay clean up. I hope we are reducing pollution and taking care of nature which we all live in.

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