Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Bay is my Bae - Javier Gutierrez

Hello everyone, my name is Javier Gutierrez  I am currently enrolled in English 2030 with Dr. Hernandez. I have recently participated in Heal the Bay at Santa Monica this past weekend. I have never really participated in a beach clean up, or any environmental clean up. This whole Heal the Bay experience has really opened my eyes to the realization of what a huge problem pollution has become. Keeping in mind that this is just one of the many forms of pollution that exists, it just blows my mind how horrible pollution has become. I found something extremely strange , an Ethernet cable under the pier. I do not know how it even got there . As my group and I began to clean we all realized something, it was extremely hot and I was wearing a jacket so I got the worst of the heat. But we also realized that every footstep we took there was at least a couple of cigarette butts and plastics. I Have personally never paid any attention to how much trash is on the beach. Any other day I would go to the beach and I would not even notice the amount of plastics and cigarette butts. this has certainly changed my views on how I see the beach, from now I will always notice all the trash in the sand and ocean. This activity relates in complicated way to my English class, well the way I see the relation is. I see this activity as an incentive put on by Dr. Hernandez to either motivate the students in my class to become environmental engineers or use our current engineering major to somehow help the cut down pollution.

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