Monday, September 19, 2016

Health the Bay

Hello my name is Clarissa Ruelas, I'm currently a student in Cal State LA I'm still undecided but have an interest in Child Development. I'm enrolled in English 1005A and when my instructor, Ximena Hernandez, told us about the "Heal the Bay'' event  I wasn't that excited because I work and had to get up even earlier. Although I worked that day, I managed to attend the event and don't regret it one bit. This was my first time attending a beach clean-up and will definitely do again for the sake of our fishes and ourselves as well. It was a great experience because I felt as if I saved a couple of fishes as well as albatrosses from eating all that plastic and cigarette buds. I was happy to see a lot of kids because that means that they are seeing everything that is being washed into the ocean and slowly diminishing our species. By them going they can learn and be different so that little by little they can give a better care for our nature. Here are some pictures of some surfers that were thanking us for cleaning up the beach.

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