Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our Beaches are much more beautiful when they're clean.

          Hello my name is Usiel Ulloa and I'm part of Mrs.Hernandez's awesome 1005 class. I am a freshmen
 who loves learning and helping around. I came to this even so I can help our beaches be safer and more
 enjoyable by cleaning them. I (like many others) was ignorant of the dangerous affects of plastic trash
 and only though it was a mere myth. I soon learned that plastic actually has a great negative affect on
nature and the facts behind it. The two wonderful speakers Dave and Katie help me understand the
background information about their organization, pointing out why they do what they do. They also
 show me the negative effect of plastic on our nature with slides and presentations. Our class and I
 appreciate there time and patients for presenting the cause to us. I loved Dave's passion for the wildlife
 and Kathie's explanation from a scientific standpoint which really hits home. This project also relates
back to our class because our class has a natural theme to it. The experience was great because I and now
 more informed and simply did something I don't do everyday. I would like to Thank my teacher, the
 presenters, the organizers, and really just everyone for helping out and spreading positivity.    


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