Sunday, September 18, 2016

Not Just Sand.....Cigs and Bits

Hello , my name is Brenda Cuellar and I took part of Heal the Bay in Santa Monica with my English 1005A class taught by Ms. Hernandez at Cal State Los Angeles. Taking part of the community clean up reminds me what my high school club Youth Action fights for. Taking care of the environment and animals doesn’t just happens in one day. Heal the Bay is only the start of it. Seeing all the cigarette buds and plastic bits show how much we have abused our power with technology and earth in general. Even as we were cleaning, the people that we there enjoying the beach and pier were not picking up their trash. The city puts designated trash bins to prevent pollution from getting into the water and sand, but this does not stop people from just leaving it there or litter.The amount of trash found it the sand was mind boggling, but there is more underneath it. Volunteers just scratch the surface. Hopefully with more people involved, the more we can make an impact and change what we’ve done to nature.   

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