Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Heal the Bay

Hi, I'm Alexander Pedroza, a second year Cal State LA student. I'm enrolled in English 2030, a class geared towards aiding engineers in the daily encounters. As a class, we have participated in an event called Heal the Bay. In this event, we picked up all the litter that was hidden in the sand, collecting buckets of trash in groups of four.  This event relates to our class and readings because we learned about the dangers that plastic holds against ocean life and then experience it first hand. I learned that cigarette buds are the most common litter found on the bay. I also learned that there are a vast amount of trash and littering on the bay of the beach, and with the constant wind by the bay will cause a lot of trash to wash into the ocean. This activity really helped us in seeing the importance in the way we dispose of plastic materials.

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