Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Great Experience

Hi my name is Zhitlaly Rosas, I’m a freshman at California State University Los Angeles. On September 17, 2016 it was Heal the Bay Day. It was a day to clean the beach, and keep the environment clean for the animals  there. I went with my English teacher Ms. Hernandez and other students. I wasn’t expecting a lot of trash, because the beach looked clean. Before we began our clean up we got our supplies; a bucket, gloves, and a tally sheet. As me and my other three partners began to walk we began to notice the smallest pieces of trash which were cigarette buds, bottle caps, plastic spoons, and after that just pieces of plastic wrappers. We also found four glass bottles and one plastic water bottle. It was surprising to know that the most usual piece of trash was cigarette buds. We found around 114 cigarette buds, and it’s sad how these buds just end up in our beaches and it can harm a bird or seagal if they eat them. They may be small pieces but it can make damages to these birds and it makes the beach environment look ugly. As I was walking I also noticed a flower in the sand, it was nice to see this type of nature.This moment reminded me of Hogan’s reading “Walking” she said, “I live, a place where entire hillsides are sometimes yellow, windblown tides of sunflower plants. But this one was different. It was alone, and larger…” When I seen this flower Ii related it to this part of Hogan's reading because this flower was by itself and it is part of nature. However, it would be nice if the people could take their own trash bag and pick up after themselves. Once they leave they can just dump the bag into a trash can. We need to learn to keep the beach clean. This was a great experience and I would be will do it again.  

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