Monday, September 19, 2016

Make a Change

Hello, my name is Pedro Angeles Flores and I am currently attending California State University Los Angeles, and for my English 2030 class an assignment was to participate in the coastal clean up at Santa Monica beach. This was the first time I have ever attended and to my surprise there were many things that I did not expect to find at the beach. Although at first I was not interested in going because I had to wake up early, however, I am glad that I went for the fact that I helped pick up thrash that would have probably not been seen or picked up. The items that were most found in our group were cigarettes butts and pieces of plastic. The amount of those items were large within our group and we did travel very far. Our careless actions have been hurting many animals and that must come to an end. Many birds are dying because of the pieces of plastic that they are eating. If birds keep on dying there is a chance that certain species may go extinct which may unbalance the ecosystem. In order to prevent this, we all need to contribute in some way and make a change. Cleaning up the mess we have made would be impossible now, what we need to do is reduce the amount of we waste dispose.

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