Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lots of Trash

Hi. I am Alex Diaz and I am in English 2030 section 07 with Professor Ximena Hernandez. I participated in the Heal the Bay activity held at Santa Monica beach. Basically our purpose of being there was too simply "Heal" the beach by cleaning up trash across the sand. Me and my group found a variety of different pieces of trash including cigarette butts, pieces of glass, food wrappers, and bottles of both alcohol and water. I found it interesting yet very disappointing so see how lazy and selfish people are when it comes to the environment. The fact that we found about half a bucket full of trash even with tons of other groups cleaning around shows how unclean the beaches really are and it is scary because millions of people each from the oceans everyday.The entire activity connects to the whole idea about how plastics and other man made creations are hurting our oceans. The activity is a perfect example of the movie we watched during class where it shows how our oceans are filled with trash and it is ruining our ecosystem. Overall the experience was fun and very educational as it showed me and others how we have to change our ways not now, but right now.

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