Thursday, September 22, 2016



          Hi my name is Wendy Joya. I'm currently enrolled in 2030 with Professor Hernandez. On the 17th of November we participated in the coastal clean-up at Santa Monica Beach with the organization, Heal the Bay. It wasn't my first time going because I have gone before but the difference from this time was that there were way more participants. There were even small children accompanying their parents to clean the beach. There was a lot of small pieces of plastics and foam that were buried in the sand. During the scavenger hunt of small pieces, I was able to see people scuba diving to try to clean the ocean floor. They were closer to the pier because most of the trash would come from there because of the vast shops. There was a man dressed in plastic bags and when he saw me taking a picture of him he stated "Don't forget to dump your trash in the ocean". At first I was confused at what he said but then I put myself in his shoes. He was impersonating plastic trash bags that end up in the oceans. He explained that all the trash bags that he was wearing was the average amount of plastic bags that an individual can use in a year. Through my experience in helping out our environment is that if we don't protect the nature around us who will. If there is a greater challenge than cleaning after ourselves then how is it an easier task for others to pick up after us?

The average amount of plastic bags used in a year!

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