Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Clean Up "Dockweiler Beach"

I have seen that it has a sewage plant close to the beach. Then  I have started to walk to the beach with a group of my friend.
At first, was had gone straight to the ocean but we couldn't find much trash. Then we went around the bonfire pits. There's a lot of ash and trash everywhere. We have gotten some candies wrap, plastic, tissues, Styrofoam, bottle caps and cigarette butts.
I wonder that it is because Dockweiler beach do have a bonfire pits, so people like to come to celebrate and picnic. People who had brought foods when they were left, they didn't clean up well. So, when we picked one out during the day we found wooden stick, bandage, bottles, and all kinds of weird things buried in the sand.
Most people don't be aware that all the trash that they have left. It will affect and cause us people. And also the other living life. For examples, fishes, sea turtles, dolphin, seal, shark, or many others animal that live under the ocean. Because they might not know that if they can eat a trash or not, they believe that is a food. Then those trashes that they have eaten wouldn't digest and later they'll die.

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