Wednesday, October 23, 2013

heal the bay

so on sunday oct 20th 2013 i had to go to dockweiler beach for the heal the bay event.It all started with a 30 minute ride to Dockweiler Beach turn into an hour long trek due to unforeseen circumstances like my dad's stubborness and a triathlon that made it even worse. Once I finally got there Daniel and his group told me to find Professor Hernandez. She the proceeded to hand me out my tools for the day which were, gloves, tally sheet, and a pencil to jot down the trash i encountered. Once familiar with my task I went to meet my group so that we could start our scavenge for trash. I found the ubiquitous boot that always seems to be in cahoots with the beach as well as plastic bottles and soda cans. Then I went on to find more unorthodox objects, such as half a whole watermelon, pair of socks (probably belong to the boot),and a metal bar. As I went on throughout the day I came to realize how messy we humans are and how we dont reciprocate the care nature gives us. I almost got sad but then I realized what I was doing and felt good about myself since I was doing something about it. I guess small change is better than no change.

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