Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Heal The Bay at Dockweiler Beach

Hello my name is Christopher Luengas and I'm currently enrolled in Professor Ximena Hernandez's English 095 class. On Sunday, October 20, 2013, my fellow classmates and I participated in a beach clean up event at Dockweiler Beach. As I arrived, there was a nice breeze all along the beach in all sorts of directions which felt very nice and calmed. However, the only thing that threw everything off was the bike event that was happening at the same time but we all managed to find our way and to find our supervisors. I had a tremendous experience there, knowing the fact that I saved not just one animal life but so many in general. Throughout the beach, there was so many things that we have picked up but mostly items that people do not pick over themselves. These items can kill so many sea life out there it is important that we need pick up ourselves and to clean up our environment frequently. After leaving the event, I felt really good inside that I saved many lives and I'm willing to participate in these events to give back to the community that I basically grew up in. Thanks you.

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