Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Heal the Bay

Hello my name is Antonio Guerra Jr and I'm in Professors Hernandez English 095 class. On Sunday Oct 20, I spent my morning time at Dockweiler beach to clean up the trash other people who visit the beach left in the sand and may end up in the Ocean that any animal may eat and die. When I was arriving to the beach I felt that breeze, and nice morning with no traffic, until i got to the beach the bike event killed it for me because I had to walk a long distance to get were the group was meeting at. But, after I was cleaning the beach I end up talking to people I didn't know and picking up things that may harm the animals who live in the ocean I felt good because I end up saving wildlife. After, the cleaning was over I stayed for a while and ended up seeing some Dolphins, and seals but I wasn't able to get the picture because a wave ruined it for me almost drop my phone in the ocean.  But, I really had a good time there hope we could do it again one day ill participate to give back to the community were I grew up in. 

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