Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dockweiler Beach Clean Up

Hello my name is Angela Ramos and I'm in Ms. Hernandez Engl 095 class. On Sunday, October 22 we had the opportunity to help the enviorment by cleaning Dockweiler Beach. At first the idea of waking up early on a Sunday morning to go clean the beach sound horrible, but once we were finished it actually felt good. I had a good time and got to interact with some of my classmates. At the same time we were picking up trash we were enjoying the beach. At first it was kind of foggy, but it cleared and you could just feel a nice breeze. We pick up a couple of bottle caps, cigrette butts, and bottles. Even though these items were small it still made a difference because we prevented them from going into the ocean. Overall, it was a good experience and we got to learn from it. Do not litter!!!

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