Monday, October 28, 2013

(Picture frame made with newspaper
& trash I found cleaning my neighborhood)

                                   Cleaning my community

I never imagined that doing a little I could contribute with my community. On Tuesday afternoon, after coming from my classes I asked my mom to go with me to clean a park that was close our home, but she suggested me to clean the streets that were near my house. I though that is was a good idea, and both of us started cleaning. I was amazed with the amount of trash that I found. It made me realize that I did not have to go that far to help my community, and contribute with the environment. While I was cleaning, I felt sad because we are the ones destroying our Earth. I found a lot of wrappers, bags, and even shoes. One of the saddest part for me was when I saw the sign of "Drain to Ocean" and next to it was a big amount of trash. It made me think about what David, the speaker of Heal The Bay shared with us. He talked about the consequences of the trash that will end up in our oceans, and will affect the lives of our animals. For my art project I gathered newspaper and a couple of wrappers and some boxes. I came up with the idea to do a picture frame because my mom is one of those persons who likes to have the house full of pictures, and well since she helped me out I thought it would be nice of me to make her a picture frame with the things I picked up, and wa-la she liked it.


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