Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beach Clean Up

Hi everyone :)
My name is Nancy Clark and I am one of Mrs. Hernandez students. I got the chance to experience how it felt to clean a beach. Finding all the different trash shows how filthy are beaches can get, and how it harms the animals around the beaches. Especially the seagulls that eat everything. Our group found a lot of plastic. Which seagulls confuse that thinking it is food. They eat the plastic and it gets them sick and leads to starvation causing them to die. Even though we did not get to clean the whole beach we got to pick up some trash and still be able to help.Which made me feel happy I got to help the environment. Even by picking up a little piece of plastic can save on animal. It made me realize we all can do something about it is just taking the action. I got to enjoy nature but also helping it. This was a great experience and made me want to clean more beaches. Just knowing now that even a little rapper can make a change in the environment.

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