Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dock Weiler clean up

Our mission on October 20th was to clean Dock Weiler beach. The day was foggy and cold. What made it hard to get to my destination was the bike event held on Dock Weiler but I manage to get there on time. I signed up got in a group. I couldn't find a glove of my size, so I had to hold the bag. Found some common trash; for example, cigarette buds and styrofoam. I also found unusual trash; for instance, glow sticks, some vacuum tube like-, and metal. Dock Weiler wasn't entirely dirty. Looking in to the distance of the ocean felt peaceful and the kinds of birds enhanced the feeling, but the constant airplanes taking off ruined the moment.Cleaning up the beach gave me a warm feeling inside, knowing that we saved the birds and fished that would of had ate all the trash and could of possibly died. It makes me want to join more volunteer work that involves cleaning. It made me realize that we can make a difference to the world.

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